Group Photo Exhibiton

July 1 - Aug. 4, 2023

In commemoration of OYAKO Day, which takes place on the fourth Sunday of July, this show focuses on the relationships between parents and children. The exhibition features photos taken in several locations around the world by the following photographers:
Ada Trillo, Anne-Francoise Tasnier, Bruce Osborn, Daisuke Kumakiri, eye_toto, Fahad Rai, Herbie Yamaguchi, Itaru Hirama, Junji Takasago, Kyo Shimizu, Lenka Klicperová, Mark Edward Harris, Mark Higashino, Masashi Mitsui, Noriko Hayashi, Shigeki Miyashima, Taishi Hirokawa, Taizo Ichinose, Takakuwa Tsunehiro, Wusa Wuli, Yulia Nevskaya, and Junya Nishigawa.

Family Portrait
Mother and son from the Peul Tribe (Benin, Africa / January 2022). © Anne-Francoise Tasnier
Harvest Time
It is common for children in this region to help with the family's work from an early age (Ladakh, India / July 2018). © Masashi Mitsui
Family Jam Session
Danny Ray plays sax while son Dylan Ray Morrison backs him on guitar (New York City / April 26, 2023). © Mark Higashino
Chinstrap Penguins
Proud mother looks like she wants to introduce me to her baby. (Antarctica / 1997). © Junji Takasago

Bruce Osborn (Exhibition Committee Chair)
Peter Lyon (Co-Chair)