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David Cortez

The Japan Times

I am what I like to call a "Swiss Army Editor" at the Japan Times.

I say this because I work behind the scenes on many different things.

One of my roles is to edit staff, columnist and wire copy to hammer things into shape for our readers' enjoyment. I also lay out and draft our print pages. Anything from Page 1 to sports and everything in between can fall into my lap.

While I do still get the occasional byline if I have time to pitch and write, the other major role I play is as the producer of the Japan Times’ weekly podcast, aptly named Deep Dive from The Japan Times," where I take on sole audio engineering and editing responsibilities, but also contribute to episode storyboarding, planning, logistics and promotion.

I studied media and communications at Temple University Japan Campus, and as an undergraduate, I was a temporary student member of the FCCJ as part of an honors course. I was tasked with writing up stories based on the various press conferences for a semester, and I deeply enjoyed the experience. So, now that my career has progressed enough to be able to call myself a regular member, I look forward to being back at the club with you all.

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Tu Yifan

Xinhua News Agency

TU Yifan, 32 years old, works with China's Xinhua News Agency. TU started at Xinhua headquarters in Beijing upon graduation in 2015. For a year at the International News Department, TU worked as an editor specialized in international political news. In 2016, TU went to Shanghai Bureau to work as a journalist, covering local news related to foreign affairs. In 2018, TU was posted to Riyadh Bureau and became Xinhua's chief correspondent in Saudi Arabia, in charge of all work in Saudi as well as Bahrain.

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Zhang Yiyi

Xinhua News Agency

Working in Xinhua Tokyo Bureau, I cover Japan news for the agency, and also provides Xinhua news service to domestic and foreign media in both Chinese and English.

Reinstatement (Professional/Journalist Associate)

Motohide Takeda

Teikyo University

An academic professor and a researcher for Economics & Medical Science. From this year he will focus on new technologies for cancer - a long-term endeavor.

Academic background
BA, Economics, Hitotsubashi University
Master (Medical Science) & PhD (Brain Science), Graduate School of Niigata University

April 2015-present
Professor, Teikyo University
Professor, Sinshu University
January 2003
Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology and General Manager, Intelligence Technology Office, R&D Dept. Mitsubishi Corporation
December 1997
Mitsubishi International Corporation GmbH. Germany, General Manager of Industrial Machinery Department

Joined Mitsubishi Corporation in 1977

Recent academic papers:
Construction of  a deep-learning model for clinical diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease using morphological brain MRI and visualization of discriminative decision area: Niigata Medical Journal, 2023.3

Recent lectures
1) 2022年11月4日 三菱総合研究所 帝京大学 共催 新産業共創セミナー
『イノベーション戦略の根底の知恵 複雑系の扱い方』 (Principle for Innovation Strategy, how to handle complex system)
2) October 8, 2020 10th Sustainable Competitive Advantage international conference hosted by the Indonesian government, association of companies & universities Change and Challenge post Covid-19 Pandemic
I love skiing and am an All-Japan Ski Federation ski instructor and examiner