LAY KUANG-HAN (Grace Lay): Two years ago, I thought I would be covering sports news my whole life for the United Daily News. I love tennis and have covered Grand Slam events four times. In fact, until my posting here, the last time I was in Japan was to cover the world’s top Taiwanese female golfer, Tani Tseng, at the Japan Ladies Golf Open 2011. When the Tohoku earthquake occurred, my boss couldn’t find anyone to send, but since I can speak some Japanese, he asked me to go to Fukushima. In the end, I wasn’t able to go, but he later asked me to cover diplomatic issues, especially the relationship between Taiwan and Japan. Suddenly, after 16 years in the sports department, I found myself covering legislative and diplomatic news for the political department. Everything was new and challenging. Then, this January found me with a bigger challenge: I was assigned to Tokyo as correspondent. Though speaking and listening in Japanese is not easy for me, I keep trying do my best. It’s very possible that, after my husband and two kids join me, making bento will be my most difficult mission here.

Lay Kuang-han, United Daily News

Andrew Staples, The Economic Corporate Network
Ichiyo Yazaki, Daiichi Co., Ltd.
Takeharu Tsutsumi, The Japan Times, Ltd.
Takeshi Saito, Gifu Container Co., Ltd.
Ken Kobayashi, Mitsubishi Corporation
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