April 2022

International Women in Photo Award 2022 exhibition comes to Japan

April 4-May 6, 2022

Committed to taking concrete actions for change, IWPA supports female creators of all origin primarily through its IWPA award and itinerant exhibitions in major cities of the world, including Tokyo. IWPA is happy to report that this year’s award call reached a final count of over 750 submissions from a record 95 countries, representing all continents and with a considerable increase in entries from Asia, Africa and the Middle East. This is an important step toward reaching IWPA’s goal of promoting the work of women who lack exposure and recognition, while sharing with global audiences diverse stories about the realities of men and women around our planet. An international jury of eminent personalities from the world of photography examined the submissions, and IWPA is pleased to present the following female talents as the best of the 6th edition of the IWPA Award. IWPA would also like to express its gratitude to Leica Camera Japan Co., Ltd. for its invaluable support in making this exhibition possible.

  • Laureate Maryam Firuzi (Iran)
  • Finalists Lenka Klicperová (Czech Republic), Irina Werning (Argentina), Simona Bonanno (Italy), Huda Abdulmughni (Kuwait), Natela Grigalashvili (Georgia)
  • Solidarity Award Greta Rico (Mexico)
  • Canon Discovery Eugénie Baccot (France)
  • IWPA Mention Ana Elisa Sotelo (Peru)
  • Special Mention Instituto Cervantes de Paris Gala Font De Mora (Spain)
  • KG+ Discovery Maki Hayashida (Japan)

The complete series by the laureates are available at

A Zoom event is planned for Tuesday, April 19, 7-8 p.m. (JST) where some of the laureates from around the world will join online for a discussion on their work.

The Artists

Scattered Memories of a Distorted Future / Maryam Firuzi (Iran)
Lost War / Lenka Klicperová (Czech Republic)
La Promessa / Irina Werning (Argentina)
Neve / Simona Bonanno (Italy)
X-ray-No.0-10687 / Huda Abdulmughni (Kuwait)
The Final Days of Georgian Nomads / Natela Grigalashvili (Georgia)
Substitute Mother / Greta Rico (Mexico)
Nsenene Paradise / Eugénie Baccot (France)
Las Truchas / Ana Elisa Sotelo (Peru)
Weekend / Gala Font de Mora (Spain)
Beyond the mountains / Maki Hayashida (Japan)

Bruce Osborn / FCCJ Exhibition Chair