PETER FIRST ARRIVED IN KYOTO IN 1993. IT WAS THIS CITY THAT inspired Peter to pick up his camera and brushes and begin a new career in the arts.

It didn’t take long for him to find his niche: the world of the geisha. Although off limits to most, thanks to very important introductions by leading members of the community, Peter soon found the geisha opening their doors to him and his camera (albeit slowly). Through his training in such arts as traditional dance, calligraphy, sumie (Indian-ink painting) and flower arrangement, Peter has taught his eye to capture the real beauty of his subjects by sharing an understanding of arts training. This mutual respect and trust allows the geisha to relax, giving him complete freedom and a unique perspective to create his work.

Peter MacIntosh, originally from Canada, was the first foreigner to take geisha and maiko overseas without a Japanese intermediary. He lives in the geisha district of Kyoto.