October 2021

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Join us on Tuesday October 5 at 5:15 pm for a special screening of Keisuke Yoshida’s powerful new film Intolerance, featuring a career-best performance from veteran character actor Arata Furuta. The film is set in a nowhere town, where Naoto (Tori Matsuzaka) runs a small supermarket. When a young shoplifter slips from his grasp, he gives chase and tragedy ensues. The girl's far-from-doting father, Mitsuru (Furuta), refuses to believe Naoto’s accusation that she was stealing, and confronts the situation with violence. His belligerence draws relentless media coverage of the case, and eventually upends several lives. Mitsuru is not the only person in town who is stuck in a moral conundrum, and Intolerance lives up to its name, particularly in its portrayal of society’s rush to judgment and the media’s manipulation of the truth. While Yoshida deftly inserts lighter moments, he is unflinching in his exploration of weighty themes such as guilt and salvation, both private and public. Yoshida is this year’s Director in Focus at the Tokyo International Film Festival, which will be highlighting this film and two other recent works by the director. The director will be on hand for the Q&A session. (Intolerance, Japan, 2021, 107 minutes, in Japanese/English with Japanese subtitles).

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Karen Severns, Chair, Film Committee