FIRST OF ALL, ALLOW me to express my deepest gratitude to all Members for making the election a success. In recent times, achieving a quorum for the General Membership Meetings has often turned out to be a big headache. But as the newly elected First Vice President (acting as President due to the absence of the president), it is indeed a great pleasure for me to see our Members show once again that on matters of extreme urgency they do not falter in responding. This compels us to work hard for the greater benefit of the Club and its membership.

Our new board has started functioning with a renewed hope that the difficulties we face after our move to the new location will not be insurmountable. The new board is a fine blend of old and new, which should pave the way for an infusion of new ideas while keeping on the track of our journey. It’s true that not everything is in order at the new premises. We’ve yet to work out, for example, how to arrange the format of media luncheon events that were a past favorite, both of the journalists attending the events and the speakers coming to share their ideas and opinions.

Our revenues are still a problem, mostly due to the expected shortfalls resulting from the huge expenditure related to the move. However, as for our professional activities, the Club has little to complain about. The workroom atmosphere and facilities have marked significant improvement and our regular press events are gradually showing signs of returning to the high standard for which the Club has always been acclaimed. The library, despite the departure of a staff member, is providing valuable services to Members. In addition, all our staff, from the general manager to the front desk personnel, are working very hard to ensure that past standards are not compromised in any way. They all deserve our deep appreciation for their dedication.

As for other services, there have been some setbacks that are mostly related to the move and to the new outsourcing company taking over most of our food and beverage related functions. However, here too, are obvious signs of improvement. The Pen and Quill dining operation has been re-launched and the Sunday brunch is already functional. The new board is also determined to keep a close eye over the issues of food quality and prices, things close to Members’ hearts.

Next year, our Club will celebrate its 75th founding anniversary. I’m sure that over the next quarter century, we’ll move forward as always, despite all the ups and downs that at times might compel us to face questions about the rationality of our survival or the validity of our existence. I’m confident that as long as we all think about the well being of the Club as a whole, our path towards the centenary will never be derailed.

– Monzurul Huq, First Vice President