November 2023 | Exhibition

Empowering Women Through the Lens: Exhibition of the 7th Edition of the International Women in Photo Award

November 4 - December 2, 2023

Since 2016, INTERNATIONAL WOMEN IN PHOTOGRAPHY (IWPA) has been committed to showcasing the work of women photographers and sharing their unique narratives. Through this dedication, IWPA aims to provide global recognition for their exceptional talent, ultimately addressing global challenges that disproportionately affect women and worsen gender inequality.

The Open Call for submissions, held from May 1st to June 30th, 2023, garnered an impressive 1,900 photographic projects from a record-breaking 106 countries.

Selected by an international jury of esteemed personalities, IWPA is delighted to present the best talents of its 2023 Award. We extend our sincere gratitude to Leica Camera Japan Co., Ltd. for their invaluable support in making the exhibition at the FCCJ possible.

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Professionnel Category


Lee-Ann Olwage (South Africa) The Right To Play

In her series “The Right To Play,” Lee-Ann Olwage portrays girls attending Kakenya’s Dream School highlighting their resilience and empowerment in the face of challenges like poverty, low education rates, harmful medical practices, and child marriage in rural Kenya.


Louise Amelie (Germany) - Missing Member

The series “Missing Member” by Louise Amelie explores the complex concept of migration through the individual stories of Bishkek's residents, reflecting the indomitable spirit of Kyrgyzstan’s young population amid post-Soviet challenges.

Luisa Dörr (Brazil) - Imilla

In “Imilla,” Bolivian girls proudly wear the traditional “pollera” skirt, once a symbol of discrimination but now embraced by female skateboarders in Cochabamba. This series by Louisa Dörr celebrates “Imillaskate,” a female collective founded in 2019 promoting inclusivity and indigenous heritage through inspiring photos.

Alena Grom (Ukraine) - Stolen Spring

In her series “Stolen Spring,” Alena Grom documents the aftermath of Russia’s destruction in the Kiev region, focusing on women who have endured the aggression. The photos capture not only personal tragedies but also stories of resilience and hope as Ukraine seeks to rise from the ashes of a stolen spring.

Rayito Flores Pelcastre (Mexico) - Chirping of Crickets

Rayito Flores Pelcastre’s poignant work addresses filicide, drawing from her childhood memory of a classmate scarred by parental abuse. Using bioplastic, her series portrays victims of psychological and physical abuse, sourced from files by the civil organization LAE in Mexico, shedding light on the grim reality of domestic violence. 

Emerging Category


Sara Bennett (USA) - Looking Inside: Portraits of Women Serving Life Sentences

In “Looking Inside: Portraits of Women Serving Life Sentences,” artist Sara Bennett compassionately portrays women serving life sentences for homicide. Her goal is to showcase their multi-faceted identities, demonstrating that they are more than their convictions, capturing their resilience, introspection, and dignity.


Natalia Garbu (Moldavia) - Moldova Lookbook

As part of her long-term project to establish a national visual identity for Moldova, Natalia Garbu presents “Moldova Lookbook.” This series offers a vivid exploration of Moldova's colorful landscapes and contrasts, capturing the essence of a country still shaping its identity and place in the world.

IWPA Special Mention 

Lorraine Turci (France) - The Resilience of the Crow

What  does it mean to be Ainu today? “The Resilience of the Crow” series documents contemporary Ainu life in Hokkaido, showcasing their vibrant culture and strong identity. It highlights the everyday aspects of their existence and explores the universal quest for identity.

A Zoom event is planned for Tuesday, November 7th, 7-8 p.m (JST) where some of the laureates from around the world will join online for a discussion on their work.

Bruce Osborn (Exhibition Committee Chair)
Peter Lyon (Co-Chair)