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Tim Kanning

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Tim Kanning started working for German daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) in the year 2007, when he was just graduating from university, earning a Diploma in Economics and Political affairs. He first worked as a Frankfurt correspondent for the regional part of the newspaper for a couple years, before joining the Economics and Financials section in 2015. Since then he has mostly covered major German financial companies such as Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank, as well as the state bank KfW. He has gained a lot of experience working in different countries and cultures during numerous research trips, including to India, Brazil, and Mozambique.

As of May 1, 2023 Kanning was appointed Tokyo correspondent by the board of publishers of FAZ, succeeding longtime correspondent and FCCJ member Patrick Welter. He moved to Tokyo with his wife Sarah Kanning, who is also a journalist, and their two sons in early May. All of them have enjoyed travelling ever since, with Tim and Sarah having taken extended trips to Australia, India, Chile and many other countries around the world.

Kanning was born in 1982 in the German city of Nuremberg and grew up in a little town close to Frankfurt. He studied at the University of Cologne and earned a parallel degree from the Kölner journalistenschle für Politik und Wirtschaft (Cologne Journalists' School for Politics and Economics).

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Yukifumi Takeuchi

International Development Journal

Editor and senior journalist at the International Development Journal (IDJ), a monthly Japanese magazine specializing in international cooperation, including ODA.

After graduating from the Law Department of Keio University in 1980, Takeuchi joined the Asahi Shimbun and worked as a correspondent in Bangkok (1994.1-1997.1) and as the newspaper's South Asian Bureau Chief in New Delhi (2001.1-2004.12).

Takeuchi specializes in Southeast Asian and South Asian news.
In 2011, he was a visiting scholar at the Reischauer Center for East Asia Studies, Johns Hopkins University, and is currently also a lecturer at the Graduate School of Takushoku University in Tokyo and Hokusei-gakuen University in Sapporo.

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Kazunori Ojiri

Shu-Chu Publishing Co.
  • 1952: Born as the second son of a Zen priest in Meguro-ku, Tokyo
  • 1977: Graduated from the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Law
  • 1977: Joined DNP
  • 1992: Left DNP
  • 1993: Director, Sentaku Publishing Co.
  • 1994: Managing Director, Sentaku Publishing Co.
  • 2003: Publisher, Sentaku Publishing Co.
  • 2005: CEO Publisher, Cuisine Kingdom Inc.
  • 2007: CEO Publisher, Shu-Chu Publishing Co.
  • 2018: CEO University of Cambridge Japan Consulting Supervisor

I joined DNP in 1977, where 200 hours of monthly overtime was the norm, but it was a fulfilling time. I was assigned to a department in charge of important domestic and international clients.

In the process, I made acquaintances with prominent graphic designers, writers and businesspeople. Their advice was invaluable to me. In 1994, I was approached by the youngest board member of the company. However, I had a dream from a young age to set up my own company, and I resigned from DNP amicably. It was a difficult decision to leave DNP, which had nurtured me so well. I had learnt the importance of information, so I set up a publishing company.

The world of medical technology is ever-evolving. Medical information is important. We hope that our information will be useful for medical care with a high level of patient satisfaction. Thank you.

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Kenji Dohi


My name is Kenji Dohi. I have been the president of Kyoto Rakusai Juku School for over 30 years. We are a company that helps students pass entrance examinations for junior high schools, high schools, and universities in Japan.

I graduated from Kobe University's Faculty of Business Administration in 1985. After working as a banker at Mitsubishi Bank for six years, I entered the education sector.

This year, I retired from the company and am now embarking on a second career. I plan to continue to contribute to children's education based on my experience.

My hobbies are playing tennis, listening to 80s rock music, and eating Japanese food at nice restaurants in Kyoto.