LUCY ALEXANDER arrived in Tokyo in April 2012 after 10 years in London as a staff writer for The Times. She now works with the Times office in Tokyo in a freelance capacity, writing business and news stories for the paper. She has also written about Japan for the Wall Street Journal and her new year's resolution is to write more widely for other publications.

Originally from St Andrews in Scotland, Lucy graduated from Oxford University, and in 2000, she joined The Times. In 2006, she became the staff writer at Bricks & Mortar, the Times’ property section, where she had to master basic economics and advanced jargon. She spent five years reporting on the British property market, from the ultra-extravagant London bubble to deprived post-industrial estates, across the news, business and features pages of the paper.

She decided to move to Japan when her husband was offered a position in Tokyo earlier this year, and is now juggling two expatriate toddlers with life as a freelance foreign correspondent.

Lucy Alexander, The Times

Kazumasa Suezawa, Fujita Kanko Inc.
TakashiI keda, Landscape Co., Ltd.
Masaichi Nakauchi, International Restaurant Service Co., Ltd.