April 2023

Photo Exhibition by Kazuto Nakanishi

April 8 - May 5, 2023

Nakanishi’s passion for chasing sakura has become a life long obsession as he travels all over Japanese archipelago to see the flowers. The first place they bloom is Okinawa, in January, followed by Kyushu, Shikoku, Honshu, and finally Hokkaido in July. Since his full-time position at a real estate agency would not allow him to take such a long break, he quit his job and hit the road. At the end of the sakura season, he needed to get back to work again and found employment at a different agency. Over the years, Nakanishi has repeated this cycle of resigning from his job, chasing the blossoms, then working at a new company. In the process of visiting so many locations, he has become a specialist, publishing a book of his photos along with writing numerous articles for magazines. In addition, Nakanishi is a regular guest on radio shows and TV programs, sharing his deep knowledge on the best places to view the cherry blossoms.

Spring is here, time to get outdoors and enjoy the season!

Happy New Sakura
Nakijin castle is a world heritage site and at the beginning of the year this pathway is surrounded by a tunnel of pink Hikanzakura. Nakijin village, Okinawa
Palette of Colors
The Kawazu Zakura flowers are the first variety Sakura to bloom in the Spring. Their large pink blossoms together with the yellow Nanohana and train make this such a colorful photo. Ichihara, Chiba
Twin Cherry Blossom Trees
The two Sakura trees standing at the top the hill with a carpet of pink and white Shiba-Sakura (phlox moss) below and a bright blue Hokkaido sky above. Tsubetsu, Hokkaido

Bruce Osborn is chair of the exhibition committee
Peter Lyon co-chair of the exhibition committee