Fusa Sakamoto is an artist, illustrator and editor. Born in Tokyo, she was an editor at Frobel-kan Publishing before leaving to become freelance. Her work has been inspired by the more than 30 countries she has visited since 1982. Every year she has held solo exhibitions on these subjects. She has exhibited in the Ukraine, Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Her publications include The Four Seasons of Switzerland in collaboration with Tokyo Shoseki, and Kataezome Art and Kataezome Book, as well as many book cover designs.

KATAEZOME ART IS A traditional kimono dying technique used on special Japanese paper, which has the feature of allowing the colors to grow deeper and warmer over time: as the years pass, the strong Japanese paper absorbs sunlight and the colors grow clearer and softer, adding to the charm of the works. It’s an effect unique to this Japanese craft.

My work is based an adding color to black line drawings, creating feelings of depth. The tones and dynamic forms are a characteristic of these modern images.

The subjects of my work are old cities, drawn freely from imagination, in simplified aerial views. And using traditional techniques, modern images featuring motifs such as plants, animals and festivals are also constructed.