Takahashi family/gasoline station (Minami Sanriku) The tsunami destroyed their gas station, but they kept a lifeline going by selling gasoline from 20-liter tanks out of the back of their truck. Last year they rebuilt the gas station at the previous location.
Takahashi father and son/fishermen (Soma)The son piloted their boat to safe waters, but their home was destroyed and they are still living in temporary housing. Tepco is now paying 70 percent of what they were making before the nuclear accident. Unable to fish, they are hauling tsunami debris out of the ocean.

THESE PHOTOGRAPHS BY BRUCE OSBORN ARE FROM his series of families affected by the disasters in Tohoku — Tohoku Oyako. The smaller pictures are from 2011 (and featured in the Dec. 2011 Number 1 Shimbun). The larger photos were taken in Dec. 2012.