TrollBusters provides online pest control for writers, journalists and publishers. Report to If you are a journalist, check out their Resources for more tips and information

★ Things to document

  • Number of threats
  • Details (date, time, picture of threat)
  • Number of people involved
  • Severity of the attack (implied/explicit)

★ Twitter Settings
Change Twitter settings to ensure you only see what you want.

  • You can filter tweets by only people you follow, which means that you’ll only see notifications from those accounts.
  • Twitter also has a quality filter, which filters out lower-quality content from people you don’t follow and have not recently interacted with.
  • In addition to being able to mute or block users, you can also mute specific words.
  • If you choose to filter or block your tweets, you may want to have someone check the offensive accounts to see if threats against you have escalated

For instructions on these features and how to use them, see articles/20169398.

★ Who to contact as a student
If you are a student, contact the Student Press Law Center, and report any incidents to your faculty adviser, if appropriate

This graphic has been adapted to fit the page from TrollBusters and is used with permission