Temptation to express the sensation of riding waves

Photographs by NAKI

THE IMPRESSION FORMED WHEN riding waves can be sublime and the essence of living. I started creating my artwork with the aim of capturing these feelings. I hope you enjoy my work, produced from various media, including surfboard resin and the accessories I wore. My intention is to show both my affinity with surfing and my consciousness about recycling.

NAKI is a professional Japanese surfer who was the 1989 grand champion of the NSA all-Japan surfing tournament. He moved California in 1994, where, during his daily encounters with the ocean, he pursued photography to depict his fascination with the waves. He has been house photographer for both Surfing and Surfer magazines, and was the first Japanese photographer to shoot the cover story of the Surfer’s Journal. His publications include North Hawaii and exhibitions include shows for Diesel and Beams.