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Natsuki Kanesaka

Oh-Ami Inc.

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Shigeki Nakagawa

FEDNAV Asia Ltd.

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Etsuko Yashiro

Japan Business Bureau of Boston

As a former advertising agency employee in Japan, I moved to Boston in 1994 and in 1999, where I studied under a Nantucket basket making master to gain the skill to establish GrayMist Enterprises Inc.

The company, which I run, is dedicated to preserving traditional American craftsmanship by teaching the art of Nantucket basket making and supporting Japanese women who wish to start their own business as instructors. With the main goal of promoting the independence of Japanese women and preserving traditional American techniques, my company is focused on empowering women throughout the craft of Nantucket basket making.

I believe that the current working environment for Japanese women is not as favorable as it should be and aim to improve this situation through my business. Not only do we aim to promote the craft and history of Nantucket basket in Japan, but also throughout the world, in addition to that, I am also the president of the Japanese Business Bureau of Boston and work to support the community in Boston by promoting the exchange and support of Japanese businesses and hosting a Japanese festival, which attracts 70,000 people.

I also founded the Global Japan Festival Federation in 2021, and am currently working as vice-representative director as part of a project to organize Japan Festivals around the world.

Executive Director, Japan Business Bureau of Boston-NPO 501(c)(3) 
Executive Director, Boston Japan Festival Organization-NPO 501(c)(3)
Founder and Vice President, Global Japan Festival Federation-General Incorporated Association
Founder and Director, Inclusive Action for All-General Incorporated Association
Founder and Director, Boston Japan Film Festival
Founder and Director, Tewassa (Support Tohoku Daishinsai)
Founder and CEO, New England Nantucket Basket Association
Founder and CEO, Nantucket Basket Association Japan
Founder and CEO, GrayMist Enterprises Inc.