The deadline for nominations to the 2017 FCCJ “Freedom of the Press Awards” falls on June 9 this year. The Awards are held to confer due recognition to journalists whose work represents the finest in defense of free speech, an open society and democratic accountability, with a particular focus on issues connected with the Japanese experience.

There are three categories. The Japan Investigative Journalism Awards are awarded annually for works on a Japan-related topic brought to light by diligent investigation. The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a journalist or individual based in Japan who has dedicated their life to promoting freedom or the press. And candidates for Supporters of the Free Press can include individuals campaigning for freedom of the press.

Winners will be announced in mid-June.

June also sees the deadline for entries for the FCCJ’s 2017 Swadesh deRoy Scholarships on the 16th of the month. This program was created in honor of a respected long-time journalist member to encourage and supports students interested in a career in journalism. Any current undergraduate, graduate student or young professional who graduated within the last two years in Japan, or any Japanese student enrolled in an overseas journalism program, is eligible to apply.

There are three categories: Pen Prize, Photo Prize and Video Prize, each worth ¥300,000 to the winner.

More details on both of these programs can be seen on the FCCJ website,