November 2022

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Join us on Tuesday, November 1 at 6 pm for a sneak preview screening of Kei Ishikawa’s A Man, adapted from the Yomiuri Prizewinning novel Aru Otoko by Keiichiro Hirano. In this quiet, devastating film about the burdens of inheritance, the unshakable bonds of love, and the very nature of identity, Ishikawa addresses pressing societal issues and delves into insuperable philosophical questions, all the while juggling a complex, multilayered mystery story and guiding his all-star cast to exceptional performances. That cast includes Sakura Ando as a young mother whose husband suddenly dies, leaving behind an enormous secret; Satoshi Tsumabuki as a third-generation Korean lawyer who helps unravel the secret, only to become like a man possessed; and Masataka Kubota, a loner who takes a job in a rural backwater and settles happily into fatherhood … until tragedy strikes. The director will be joined by the novelist for the Q&A session after the screening. (A Man, Japan, 2022, 121 minutes, in Japanese with English subtitles).

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Karen Severns is chair of the FCCJ Film Committee