Checking on strawberries grown at the temporary housing community. Shinmachi is known for its figs, flatfish, apples and strawberries.
Headlamps light the trail of Mt. Karou on New Years Day;

The winner of this year’s Swadesh Deroy Scholarship is Allison Kwesell, a graduate student at the International Christian University, hailing from the U.S. Ms. Kwesell’s entry was a photo documentary of the town of Shinchimachi, 50 km north of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Akira Nagakura, chief member of the selection committee, remarked on the high quality of the photographs and the precise captions that captured the life of a Fukushima town. He also said, “The pictures were taken over the course of several trips. This kind of hard work resulted in a report that was of higher quality than the others. It’s the kind of on-the-spot report that journalists respect.”

The annual scholarship, worth ¥300,000 for the First Prize, is given to support university students interested in a career in journalism.