Return from Siberia: a Japanese Life in War and Peace, 1925-2015
Oguma Eiji; David Noble (trans.)
LTCB International Library Trust: International House of Japan
Gift from Georges Baumgartner

Yokohama Burning: the Deadly 1923 Earthquake and Fire That Helped Forge the Path to World War II
Joshua Hammer
Free Press

Tadao Ando (GA architect: 8)
Ando Tadao; Yukio Futagawa (ed.); Criticism by Kenneth Frampton;
Yoshio Takase (photo)
Gift from Georges Baumgartner

An Investigative Study of End stage Care in Japan: from the Perspective of International Comparison
Takashi Sasaki
Gift from Takashi Sasaki

Convenience Store Woman
Sayaka Murata ; Ginny Tapley Takemori (trans.)
Grove Press