. . . at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, December 17 for the hard-hitting thriller Court of Zeus, followed by a Q&A with director Gen Takahashi, star Hijiri Kojima and whistleblower Toshiro Semba. Japan’s cinematic crusader for truth and transparency, Takahashi returns to FCCJ with another bold exposé, this time revealing the pervasive corruption in Japan’s court system. Not quite as intense as his superb Confessions of a Dog, which depicted shockingly illicit activities by the police (“the largest organized crime ring in Japan,” according to the director), this new film wraps its condemnations around a love story between an overworked young judge and his fiancée (Kojima), who suddenly finds herself on the wrong side of the law . . . and in her lover’s courtroom, where he presides like the mighty Zeus.

— Karen Severns

(Japan, 2013; 136 min.; in Japanese with English subtitles).