We have just concluded the election of the Board of directors for the coming year. Congratulations to the new Board members and many thanks

to everyone who voted, and to those who attended the General Membership Meeting on June 27.

I’m unable to name the new officers of the Board in this mail because those appointments will be made at a later Board orientation meeting. What I can do, however, is give an update from the final meeting of the departing Board on June 10.

The General Manager gave a briefing on Food and Beverage, with Main Bar revenues for May dipping 6 percent on year, while banquet sales rose 20 percent. The Club in June was facing a little under ¥1 million in delinquent accounts. About one third of that is now

written off with the remainder being pursued. That is a substantial improvement on the situation several months ago, thanks to the GM and the Treasurer.

The Treasurer also reported that operational revenues for 2018-19 were slightly over budget, but membership related revenues were below the target. The latter is of concern as attracting new members is key to the Club’s future and something that, I would argue, will be the main task of the new

Board. Two other priorities are the hiring of a deputy for the General Manager and a staff member to assist Hiroko Moriwaki in the Library. Moriwakisan is one of the FCCJ’s heroes and I extend a sincere thanks

to her for all the assistance she provides above and beyond her job description.

There’s been an increase in hacking attacks on the Club website, which is to be expected considering our hosting of individuals and groups that are unwelcome in certain quarters. Security will be a key focus of the design of a new website, along with a more attractive format. The board has reviewed a number of bids and given authority for a contact to be signed with a service provider. However, approval of the design of the new site remains with the Board.

PAC has recently introduced a new lanyard badge procedure for press events, so the MC can better identify journalists during question time. Attendees meeting criteria as journalists will be given a green lanyard at the front desk for their journalism ID. Please wear it at the press conference to help the Q&A proceed properly.

I’m running out of space, but to finish on a high note, the chairs around the bar have been fitted with adjustors to the legs to raise them to a level that makes eating food at the bar a less elbow challenging experience. For a meal suggestion, I recently tried the fish and chips without the chips, opting instead for the Greek salad. It set me up for the day. See you in the Club.

– Peter Langan