May 2023

FCCJ survey on members’ pay is not only anonymous – it will help in the battle for fair treatment

Dear FCCJ members,

We love getting paid. Many of us, however, do not or cannot talk about it. One result is that reporters, editors, photographers and others have too little data when negotiating compensation.

That’s why, via the Number 1 Shimbun, we are conducting a brief pay survey for a future article on the subject. It should only take five or 10 minutes to answer the questions in the attached link, and doing so would be a service to your present, past and future colleagues.

But please don’t worry - the fully anonymous, multiple-choice survey uses a secure, encrypted online platform. No individual results will be connected to anyone who takes part in the survey. Participants are not asked to disclose their employer’s name, and no other data is requested that could allow the individual to be identified or connected with any specific organization.

The survey does include space for anonymous written comments - these would be particularly welcome. Comments can be attributed to their author only if the commenter says they want to be identified in the story.

Please click here to take part in the survey.

Thank you, and best regards,

Dave McCombs