December 2021

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Join us on Tuesday, December 14 at 5:30 pm for a sneak preview of Yusuke Okuda’s beautifully restrained, carefully crafted tale Somebody’s Flowers, fresh off its world premiere at the Tokyo International Film Festival in November. Directing just his second film, Okuda brings together a small, accomplished cast to highlight issues of grief, guilt and recovery. In the film, Takaaki (Shinsuke Kato) is a lonely iron shop welder who is visiting his parents (Kazuko Yoshiyuki and Choei Takahashi) one day when a man is killed by a flowerpot that falls from their neighbor’s balcony in gale-force winds. His mother suggests that the man’s widow and young son join the grief-counseling group that Takaaki is also a member of, since he hasn’t yet recovered from his brother’s death. His father’s dementia is also cause for alarm, and when his parents’ helper starts insinuating that the flowerpot accident might be a crime, Takaaki is forced to face some hard truths. The director will be on hand for the Q&A session with stars Kato and legend Yoshiyuki. (Somebody’s Flowers, Japan, 2021, 115 minutes, in Japanese/English with Japanese subtitles).

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Karen Severns, Chair of the Film Committee